Almeria Lykes - Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

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The 1972-built, 39,026-dwt, 21,667-grt barge and container carrier Almeria Lykes is seen in this photograph while she was underway off Singapore sometime during 1982.

She was built in Quincy, Massachusetts, U.S.A. by the General Dynamics Corporation for the Lykes Brothers Steamship Company Inc. and she entered service as Almeria Lykes. She sailed for Lykes right through the 1970s and early 1980s before her first sale transpired. In 1986 Almeria Lykes along with her sisterships Doctor Lykes (72) and Tillie Lykes (73) were sold to the U.S. Department of Transporation and inturn transferred to the Military Sealift Command.

Almeria Lykes was renamed USNS Cape May (T-AKR 5063), Doctor Lykes was renamed USNS Cape Mendocino (T-AKR 5064) and Tillie Lykes was renamed USNS Cape Mohican (T-AKR 5065). All were subsequently laid up in the U.S. Navy reserve fleets and when this picture was added to the archives in February of 2001 they were all still in the reserve fleet.

Information courtesy Marine News - The World Ship Society, Lloyds Registers - Lloyds of London
American Bureau of Shipping, Janes Warships & Mr. J.P. Hazelton

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